Where can I buy in person?

Little Italy Mercato

Saturdays, 8am-2pm

Amici Park section!


Hillcrest Farmer's Market

Sundays, 9am-2pm

On sidewalk, closer to Harvey Milk Street, next to Mook & Pop's Bakery!



What is your current production time?

For made to order pieces, our current production time is 2-3 weeks. Need an order quicker? Rush orders will be subject to a 20% rush fee.


Do you make custom orders?

While we love doing custom pieces, at this time we are not taking on custom work. However, if you would like a Junon Jewelry piece in a different size than is listed, or featuring a different stone that pictured, please email us at info@junonjewelry.com.


When can I expect my jewelry?

Our orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail depending on order value.

Junon Jewelry is not responsible for damaged goods,. We securely package each piece to the best of our ability, but once the Post Office has it, it is out of our hands. If a package gets lost in the mail we will do our best to locate it on our end, but Junon Jewelry is not responsible for lost/stolen items.

 For international orders, we ship orders valued under $350USD with USPS First Class International (2-5 weeks). Please contact us for shipping options for orders over $350USD.


Do you allow returns/refunds/exchanges?

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. If there is something wrong with your piece, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the item. If it is unworn, it may be returned for a refund, or exchanged within 30 days of purchasing. If returning, customer is responsible for return shipping cost, carefully packaging the jewelry, and getting a tracking number.

Refunds are not available for custom orders. If you are unhappy with your piece, we will do what we can to correct the problem, but since it is a custom piece made just for you, we are unable to provide a refund.


Do you do repairs?

Because jewelry is delicate in nature we will repair any Junon Jewelry piece due to normal wear and tear, or due to a defect in craftsmanship. All reasonable repairs are free. For repairs caused by damage inflicted by the wearer, there will be a determined fee.


What materials do you use?

We use Brass, Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-filled and 14k Rose Gold-filled.

Brass is a metal alloy consisting of copper and zinc. It has a bright gold appearance, which is easily maintained if taken care of properly. While it may oxidize over time, it is easily cleaned with soap and water, or ketchup for a more thorough clean!

Sterling Silver is the industry standard for Silver jewelry, and consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, allowing it to hold up better than pure silver.

14k Gold-filled metal is made from solid gold, but is "filled" with a base metal- brass for all Junon Jewels. A permanent bond is created by heat and pressure, giving the metal the same beautiful look as gold, but for a much more inexpensive cost. When taken care of properly, your gold-filled pieces will last beautifully for many years.


Is this jewelry safe for those with metal allergies?

Yes! All metal used in Junon Jewels are nickel free and hypo-allergenic.


How do I care for my jewelry?

Maintain your jewelry’s shine by avoiding contact with agents such as perfume, lotion, makeup, hair & cleaning products. Not only will these chemicals reduce gem brilliance, the ability to return light, they can be highly destructive to some gems, such as pearls, which react violently to acid and alcohol. Always remove your jewelry before swimming and exercising. Ideally your jewelry should be stored in a sealed plastic bag, or a jewelry box, away from heat, humidity and moisture. Avoid keeping in the bathroom, where it is especially humid!

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a dish soap or mild cleaning detergent to scrub all around the ring inside and out and underneath in order to remove heavy build up. If this is done regularly, it will keep it consistently sparkly and easier to clean very quickly. Follow up with the polishing cloth included with your order to gently remove tarnish and restore luster. The cloth is infused with polishing compound and will turn black, showing that the compound is activated and that the polishing is working.

Brass- Use a polishing pad or cloth to remove any tarnish that naturally occurs on the piece. Soap and water can also be used to clean the piece. To prevent your skin from turning green, you can create a barrier between your skin and the brass by painting in the inside with clear nail polish. You can use a jewelry polishing cloth on all Brass pieces to return the original luster of the metal.

Some people have reactions with brass that may temporarily discolor skin-- other people may have no reaction at all. This has to with the oils and lotions on your skin, humidity, and other environmental factors.  To help prevent the reaction you should avoid wearing brass in the shower, while working out, and washing hands. If you are wearing the ring out on a humid day it helps to paint the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish to create a barrier between the metal and skin.

925 Sterling Silver - Sterling Silver is a soft metal & can scratch and misshape if mistreated, it can also naturally darkens (oxidize) over time. Use a polishing pad or cloth to remove tarnish and shine. You can help prevent oxidization by keeping it away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine, hairspray & perfumes etc & taking off when doing strenuous activities. You can wear to wash your hands, and showering, but take off before pools or ocean swimming.
Sleeping in sterling silver can actually keep it cleaner than not wearing it because the natural oils from your skin help minimize tarnish.

14k Gold-filled  - Wears exactly the same as solid gold & should not tarnish. You can wear it to wash your hands, and in the shower, but keep in mind the products in your shower may not good for the metal. We would definitely advise you not to do this if you want your jewelry to look its best. However, if you do, you will have to make sure you clean it more often. Be sure to keep away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine, hairspray & perfumes. You can keep your jewelry shiny & clean by using a jewelry polishing cloth regularly, or mild soap and water. Gold-filled is not recommended in extremely humid environments where there are also high levels of pollutants in the air.