Junon Jewelry is Your Elegance, Unearthed. Founded by identical twins and crystal enthusiasts, Liz and Abigail, Junon Jewelry specializes in minimal gemstone jewelry with the power to make you look and feel your best- whether its everyday, or for your big day! Inspired by the dazzling nature of gemstones, each piece is delicate but powerful!

Every step of the way, Liz and Abigail infuse their pieces with endless amounts of their love and energy, and they know you will feel the magic as well! Valuing the purity of every crystal used, they both travel across the country to mine as many of their own stones as possible.

All Junon Jewels are created here in the US (Herkimer, New York to be exact!,) by Liz.  She hand-fabricates custom settings for their finds (and many more gorgeous stones), turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces- resulting in a truly start to finish product!

Abigail also works with her hands as Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki-charging every Junon Jewel after they are created! This process infuses all pieces with the energy of Reiki, which allows the wearer to benefit from the healing frequency, promoting wellness and harmony for the mind, body, and spirit.