Junon Jewelry is Your Elegance, Unearthed. Inspired by the mystical tarot deck, Junon Jewelry creates healing crystal jewelry that is both fashionable and affordable. It was founded by identical twins Liz and Abigail, whose passion for creating fueled their desire to start their own jewelry line in 2014.

Liz is the physical creator of Junon Jewelry, specializing in small production, hand fabricating one-of-a-kind pieces in San Diego, California. Inspired by the beauty of each stone, she hand fabricates each setting in order to properly showcase its dazzling nature.

Abigail also works with her hands as Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki-charging each piece. This process infuses the jewelry with the energy of Reiki, which allows the wearer to benefit from the healing frequency, promoting wellness, balance, and harmony for the mind, body, and spirit.

Both of them travel across the country to mine their own gems, and Abigail hopes to reunite with Liz in California soon to join in the production work!