Lights From My Throne Black Aura Quartz Bib Necklace

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Product details

  • Black Aura Quartz point bib necklace

  • Choice of Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-filled, or 14k Rose Gold-filled.

  • 16" or 18" chain.

  • Reiki-charged, handcrafted with love, and made to order! Please allow 5-10 days for production
*Note- necklace will be similar as pictured, but not exact. Each necklace is unique!*

    Gem properties

    Black Aura Quartz is a master healer with an intense energy that helps to facilitate multidimensional healing and brings the body back into balance. It has a high energy and is helpful for removing energy blockages, especially those impeding creativity. Great at transforming negative energy into positive, Black Aura Quartz removes fear, bringing emotional peace and happiness. It promotes self-esteem, self-knowledge and stimulates creativity. This stone is said to open and empower all the chakras, but is usually associated with the Third Eye and Root Chakra.