Crown Deposit
Crown Deposit
Crown Deposit

Crown Deposit

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Product Details

  • Hand-soldered woven Brass, Copper, or Sterling Silver base
  • Your choice of custom designed sigil magick 
  • Hand wire-wrapped center power stone of Labradorite or Moonstone 
  • Hand wire-wrapped Herkimer Diamond and Labradorite accent stones
  • Reiki-charged, handcrafted with love!

Pricing Details

  • Initial deposit of $222 secures your spot for the limited release
  • Diadems begin at $333
  • Queen's Tiaras begin at $444
  • King's Crowns begin at $555
  • Customizable by the sigil, quantity of gemstones, and choice of gem adornments

Each month we will be opening up 13 spaces for bespoke headpieces. Upon purchase you will receive an email to confirm your space that month, and discuss the details of your piece. Everything is customizable for the magick you are calling in!